Video & Pictures

Capturing the process: Critical Mass Dance Collective

Above: Zoie Golding, Artistic Director of ZoieLogic Dance Theatre moves with the dancers during a warm up which took place at the start of each day

Below: Zoie works with one of the groups in the collective on a scene in the show where they are all as one, pointing their hands to the sky

Above: Here is the round-up video I put together after the performance had taken place. It captures not just the performance, but the whole process which goes all the way back to research sessions in April 2023.

Below: Zoie was particularly keen to capture Dan, who she had known for over three years now. Dan has developed his skills an enormous amount since he’s known Zoie, and it was almost overwhelming for her to see how far he’s come in that time.

Above: The collective rehearse for the final scene in the show, where they all become connected, together.

Above: Footage from the rehearsals captured in the cavernous space called Crane, just outside of central Birmingham

Below: The overriding feeling during every session was that this was a room filled with joy and the dancers were having the time of their lives. I tried to capture this in the camera.