Capturing the process: Beneath the Mask

I have been working with FuzzyLogic, a youth dance company based in Southampton for several years. In 2022-23, I followed them as they created a new piece of work which explored identity called Masked.

Before: The film explores the ins and outs of the creative process for the youth company, showing the making process and insight into their creative expression. Watch above!

After: Individual stills from the rehearsal period. The work swirled around the identity of the young people involved, and would begin with their faces

Below: An image from their first performance of the piece, in costume and with their masks. Moody!

Above and below: It was a fun process to witness, but what particularly struck me was the detail and focus that the young people put into their creative practice.

Above and below: Images captured from the first performance of Masked.

Below: Probably my favourite still captured from the rehearsals. The dance had a clear intensity to it, but also a closeness to it that I was keen to capture — they were all in it together.