Capturing the Process: Flavour & Some (2023)

In February 2023, I spend the day with choreographer Eileih Muir, chef Adam Thomason and a group of dancers on a research phase of their project, Flavour & Some - which fuses their two practices.

Above and below: Two of the dancers explore how wine glasses can travel around the space. They had to be very delicate and precise with their movement so that the glasses remained level. Spillages were not an option.

Above: Adam Thomason reveals his own visual craft and flair.

Below: Images from the kitchen as Adam and his team prepares the dishes for the dancers.

Below: Adam starts creating a large canvas. Everything added was flavoured and edible.

Above: Two dancers combine the art of dance and food.

Below: A selection of small moments from the day. There was a lot of energy in the room, and it was clear that everyone involved in the process was really up for the challenge of merging the culinary and dance world.

Below: Two of the dancers rehearse their duet on top of the long table.

Above and below: Eileih directs the movement explorations with dancers, using an elegantly decorated table as the centrepiece.

Above: At the end of the day, the dancers spent some time experimenting and interacting with the rest of the team, who sat in as test diners.

Below: Adam’s completed canvas in front of the dancers and diners.